JOURNALING: When your whole body benefits


I write daily. Or near daily. I've been doing this forever. It is what keeps me organized, sets priorities, sorts out problems, makes me sane. It's at the root of the changes I have made over the last few years, changes that have improved my health greatly. Everything from my cognition to various aches and pains have benefited from the introspection that comes from daily writing, and the research and evaluation that comes out of a thought process worked through in my various journals.

Writing doesn't come easy at first, at least it didn't for me. Even now there are times when I am unable to journal daily - when I miss a week or two at a time it takes days to get back into the process. It gets easier though as the days go by. Some days I even go through the day craving the feel of the pen in my hand and expression seems to flow through me like water. Some days everything is disjointed and abrupt, and usually doesn't involve much paper. Some days it's easier to draw. That works too. 

I write in the morning, or sometimes in the afternoon. Whatever works. Mostly mornings, as I scribble notes at the top of the page to remind myself of the day's tasks. I keep my phone near me to note items on my calendar. I keep books for inspiration when I come up dry that set alongside my water on the table next to me. My favorite times are days like today - where I sat down and began to play with 'I took a minute' - a line that had been stuck in my head. The poem that came out of it most likely isn't all that great, it takes me time to digest and judge any kind of art I create, but it is a reflection of where I'm at today.

Without writing, and the thought that goes into it, my days aren't as focused nor my resolve as great. It helps with everything; my creative life, my work priorities, my relationships, my diet and even plotting exercise. It helps my mental health. I'm a stronger human being for these words in a simple notebook. Yet so much of what I write is random. Even the random has importance as it lifts the day to day worries and frets from my shoulders helping to get the day started.

Paired with learning I view writing an essential part of my life - contributing greatly to the quality and understanding of my personal choices. It's contributions of organization, introspection, inspiration and the lightening of daily stress tie the pieces of my life together. 

Recent Posts

Had a stroke. Changed my life. Food. Art. Health. Activism.

Delete & Repeat is my artist reflection on living a healthy lifestyle, including creative expression and really good food. Its name is derived from a 2017 stroke that disrupted my life. ‘Delete & Repeat’ became a mantra of frustration for me as I struggled to organize my thoughts and communicate properly.

At the time I was a full time artist working in various new media, happily programming and creating electronic sculpture, interactive video & maintaining a full schedule travelling teaching, and showing.  The stroke effected my cognitive abilities and effectively shut down my career.

It took time and a complete change of lifestyle to recover. Primary to my effort was diet – I undertook a combination of keto with the addition watching inflammation to both lose weight and regain clarity. I added in regular exercise and yoga – and pursued a regular practice of research and learning.

In the food section I will post some of the recipes I live by. These recipes I follow my personal guidelines – they are not all super low carb (I currently stay in a low level of ketosis without the need to actually lose additional weight). In the health section I will include information and links to information that I come accross and see as potentially helpful, as well as things that I believe have helped me including exercise and yoga as well as cognetive practice in research and learning.

I am not a health professional of any sort so please do your own research. Where possible I will notate references.

After several years of effort things are paying off. I’m writing and working again. My art had been paused – it just recently picked back up. I have also renewed my commitment to activism – so important in the troubled world we live in. I intend on helping to right wrongs wherever I can. With my art – and whatever else I can find.

My Name Is Karen

This blog is meant to reflect me as a whole. I choose at this time to not publish my complete name – I’m just not there yet. I need the safety net of anonymity to protect my first real attempts at art again. Just call me Karen, but throw the name’s stereotype out the window. I am simply me.

January 22, 2020